Anilox Sleeves

ARC's innovative sleeve design is stronger and more durable

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ARC’s sleeves are offered as a completely engineered product that includes base sleeve, surface coating, engraving or fully reconditioned. Our latest advance in sleeve construction technology achieves lightweight durability that resists sleeve damage as you switch out sleeves. The result? Better performance due to tighter tolerances over the life of your sleeves. New construction design such as more flexible bladders and advanced materials make Anilox Sleeves more lightweight and durable for exceptional performance run after run.

Anilox Sleeves Options

Conventional Fiberglass Anilox Sleeves & Carbon Fiber Sleeves

Sleeve Inspection

31 Point Inspection
31 Point Inspection

Machine Types

Aquaflex Converting Tech Kochsiek RG Engineering
Arsoma Drent Goebel Kuen Yuh Schaivi
BHS F&K Marte Schiva
Bielloni F&K (Carbon Fiber) Mercury Serv-o-Tec
Bobst F&K (High Mod CF) Muller Martini Solo Flex
Bonardi F.L. Smithe Multipress Tresu
Bretting Flexografica Nilpeter Uteco
Carint Cyberflex Flexotecnica Nordmeccanica Valmet
Comexi Gallus Novagraf W&D
Comco Goss PCMC W&H

Signature Engraving

ARC can signature engrave an array of custom information such as QR code or barcode along with identifiable information on your dead band for easy identification.

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