Capatch Strip

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The Capatch strip is a quick method for measuring volumes of Anilox and Gravure full coating rolls in printing presses. The Capatch is an additional tool for use in the printing press and gives a rapid reading but with a slightly larger tolerance. It takes no more than two minutes to apply the Capatch correctly.

Use Capatch:

  • Test the volume of your Anilox Roller
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Prevent scrap production
  • Schedule roll cleaning

Capatch Strip Options

Low Volume

​2 to 7 CC

1.25 - 5 BCM

Stock# ARC261

Medium Volume

​5 to 25 CC

3 - 15 BCM

Stock# ARC262

High Volume

​15 to 70 CC

10 - 50 BCM

Stock# ARC263