Glue Applicator Rollers

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ARC offers a corrosion-resistant Glue Applicator Roller with a build-up material that has exceptional durability. With our stainless steel cladded roller you will achieve proper OEM diameter specifications and have a roller that ensures no deflection, and protects against any added TIR issues.

Glue Applicator Rollers Options

Cladding Process

stainless steel cladding process

new stainless steel cladding process for the most durable and long lasting surface.​

Starch Saver Series

Starch Saver Series -Save Money & Starch! The substantial rise in the cost of industrial starch has made efficient manufacturing of corrugated linerboard extremely critical. For you to achieve the highest quality linerboard with precise starch application and minimal warp, your glue applicator and metering rollers in the single facers and glue machines require strict attention.

ARC’s mechanically engraved 45º and NEW 60º cell configuration are geometrically engineered to make the most of your starch usage.

Quality Certification

Machine Makes and Models

New and reworked rolls are available for:

  • BHS
  • Fosber
  • MHI Machinery
  • Agnati
  • Marquip
  • Langston
  • Peters
  • United/Koppers
  • Isowa
  • S & S


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