Mechanical Roller with Chrome

Anilox for Coatings and Varnish

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ARC International’s mechanically engraved anilox is engraved using tooling produced by our own skilled craftsmen to ensure consistency and repeatability roll to roll. We offer an exceptionally wide range of line counts in Quad, Pyramid geometries as well as Tri-helical, Hexagonal and Channel-Lox configurations to suit your specific print and coating applications.

Mechanical Roller with Chrome Options

Channel-Lox Engraving​

The CHANNEL-LOX™engraving is an open channel screen with the cell running at a 90° angle to the roll surface. The unique rounded “hour glass” construction of the cell and connecting channel evenly distribute the ink around the anilox roll to provide better ink control on line or coating applications.

Pyramid Cell

The PYRAMID cell, coming to a point at 4 microns or less, is generally used with a roll metering system. Available in cell counts from 15 to 500 cells per linear inch.

Hexagonal Cell

The HEXAGONAL cell has more open angles. This design provides greater strength and resistance to doctor blade wear. Available in cell counts of 10 to 200 cells per linear inch.

Tri-helical Cell

The TRI-HELICAL engraving forms a spiral around the roll at a 45° angle to the roll axis. Primarily used in coating application, the TRI-HELICAL is available in 13 to 260 lines per linear inch.

Quadrangular or Quad Cell

The QUADRANGULAR cell, or Quad cell, is an inverted pyramid with the bottom cut off. This cell has very good release characteristics and is widely used in a broad range of applications. Available in cell counts from 15 to 400 cells per linear inch.