Opticlean™ Powder

Engineered to ensure maximum cleaning without being hazardous to your operators

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Quality cleaning solutions help you maintain the optimum performance and longevity you count on from your printing and coating rollers. Opticlean™ is designed to rewet the ink so that it can be rinsed out of the dirty surface.

Opticlean™ Powder Options

Opticlean™ 1-Gallon (5 lb.) Bucket

Formulated ready to use in a size that suits most applications where regular daily cleaning and flushing of ink chambers is required, Opticlean™ solution is ideal for all types of rolls and machine parts. It is suitable for all water-based environments where smaller quantities are required in other areas of your plant, solution can be easily pumped into smaller containers to suit your needs.

Opticlean™ 2-Gallon (10 lb.) Bucket

Opticlean™ dry powder concentrate can be used to clean water-based inks from ceramic, chrome and stainless anilox rolls as well as print cylinders and machine parts. Opticlean™ is provided in 5-pound or 10-pound buckets which, when diluted with water, give you 100 or 200 gallons of cleaning solution (respectively).

Usage Instructions

Mix 4 oz. of powder ( scoop is 4 ounces) with 5 gallons of warm water and clean as usual. Hot water increases cleaning action. Use double strength on dried ink. Always flush with water to remove all the cleaner.

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