Custom Made To Suit Your Needs

ARC is committed to your roll arriving in perfect condition. We take the greatest care in packaging and crating each and every roll regardless of its size.

Custom Made Shipping Crates

Our custom designed containers and crates give the best possible support during shipping which prevents impact shock, minimizes vibration and protects against external factors such as moisture and heat.


The simple solution for shipping critical rollers is to cradle its wooden crate in a SAFETYcrate shipping container from ARC International.

SAFETYcrate guards your roller’s crate from the ravages of feeble forklift drivers and other treacheries of transit. Costing much less than those full metal jacket shipping containers, SAFETYcrate containers are designed to give maximum protection just where it’s most needed for shipping and handling. And they can be built to fit any size of crated roller-even jumbos.