Customer Satisfication is ARC's #1 Priority

The Mission

ARC’s mission is to continue its development and advancement of technically innovative products. Our vision is to be the source for a Totally Integrated Package of Products and Services in the Flexographic Industry.

Setting the Standard

ARC believes the best way to surpass expectations is to know a customer’s business and industry extremely well, so the customer can capitalize on ARC’s investment in high value flexographic innovation to enhance levels of quality and production.

At ARC International, our team of engineering, coating, engraving and printing specialists have developed and introduced many new exclusive materials and engravings that have set the industry standard for many printers. ARC has the ability to choose the best technology for every application.

Experts & Professional

ARC offers the products and professional expertise to deliver exactly what you need. Our technicians are well versed when it comes to exacting TIR and OEM dimensional specifications. We make use of cell geometries that have been specifically engineered for exact volumes in optimum line counts.

Why Choose Us?

  • Attention to Detail. We deliver exactly what we promise.
  • Industry Knowledge. We meet the specific needs of our customers.
  • Experience. Our press evaluations and training programs are unmatched.
  • Quality Control. We fabricate and refurbish rollers that keep your presses performing with the precision you demand. Our advancements in laser and material technology keep you moving forward in the industry.​

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At ARC, we pledge to deliver satisfaction with your roller and supply orders. Upon final inspection, if a product doesn’t meet your specifications, it doesn’t ship. Working with ARC International means no surprises. You are guaranteed the highest quality every time.

At ARC International, we know that once the science of rollers and artistry of printing find the perfect harmony, the result will be both impressive and profitable.