Corrugated Manufacturing & Printing

Revolutionizing the Flexo Industry

Converting Rollers & Cylinders

Conventional Anilox Rollers

To achieve excellence in graphic design and innovation, the laser engraved ceramic Anilox Roller is the tool to lead the way. We manufacture and restore Anilox Rollers per the customers’ preference in surface, volume transfer and line screen for more consistency and faster speeds. ARC produces and guarantees the highest accuracy available.

Carbon Fiber Anilox Roller

The weight of carbon fiber is much lower than metal. Carbon fiber components are also stiffer, more stable, and corrosion resistant. These properties give you many advantages such as extended life of equipment components and seals, reduced vibration and higher production speeds.

Carbon Fiber Chamber Systems

Doctor Blade Chamber 100% carbon fiber produced by Packaging Plast are light, strong and durable with incomparable performance. Corrosion free and with the smoothest ink flow, they ensure the highest performance with the added benefit of significant cost savings.

Rubber Wiper Rollers

ARC’s infrared “dry-cured” rubber coated rollers are available in customized materials and durometers to suit your specific needs.

Print Cylinders

ARC’s print cylinders are manufactured to the critical tolerances of diameter, taper and TIR, which ensures effective ink transfer to the mounted printing plate.

Impression Cylinders

ARC manufactures Impression Cylinders with a consistently smooth surface and within critical tolerances for taper and TIR.

Rubber Feed Rollers

To ensure that the corrugated sheet is pulled efficiently into the print section without skewing and without being crushed, feed rollers must have the proper rubber hardness and dimensional specifications.

Knurled Pull Rollers

Working together with the upper feed roller to pull the corrugated sheet into the print section, the lower Knurled Roller must have a consistent pattern that is free of rust, wear, dried ink and other imperfections.

Corrugator Rollers

Glue Applicator Rollers

ARC provides an industry recognized quality Glue Applicator Roller that is designed to deliver an accurate and consistent amount of starch in single facer or glue machine application.

Meter Rollers

Meter Rollers are cylindrically ground to give you the best possible TIR and taper, guaranteeing uncompromised gap control and consistent glue line at various speeds. Meter Rollers are offered newly fabricated or fully reconditioned to OEM specifications.

Pressure Rollers

Precision ground with parabolic crown or parallel finish to minimize TIR and taper.

Knife Rollers

Knife Rollers are available with rubber, ARCJET™ stainless steel, molybdenum or tungsten carbide surfaces.

Splicer Roller

​Splicer Rollers are commonly used in web offset printing machines and are known for damage resistance, durability, smooth product handling and long lasting life.

Waxer Roller

ARC’s Engraved Roller Wax Applicators have been tested and proven in the corrugated industry. Applies wax to the medium or liners. Floor or bridge mounted styles available.