Coating, Laminating and Gravure

Anilox Rollers

To achieve excellence in graphic design and innovation, the laser engraved ceramic Anilox Roller is the tool to lead the way. We manufacture and restore Anilox Rollers per the customers’ preference in surface, volume transfer and line screen for more consistency and faster speeds. ARC produces and guarantees the finest accuracy available.

Mechanical Roller

ARC International’s mechanically engraved anilox and gravure coating rolls are engraved using tooling produced by our own skilled craftsmen to ensure consistency and repeatability roll to roll. We offer an exceptionally wide range of line counts in Quad/Pyramid geometries as well as Tri-helical and super channel configurations to suit your specific print and coating applications.

Dual Chamber System

Doctor Blade Chamber 100% carbon fiber produced by Packaging Plast are light, strong and durable with incomparable performance. Corrosion free and with the smoothest ink flow, they ensure the highest performance with the added benefit of significant cost savings.

Rubber Wiper Rollers

To ensure maximum bond strength between your steel core and its new rubber covering, we thread and grit-blast our rolls before the rubber is applied.