Wide Web Printing

Paper, Foil and Film

Anilox Rollers

To achieve excellence in graphic design and innovation, the laser engraved ceramic Anilox Roller is the tool to lead the way. We manufacture and restore Anilox Rollers per the customers’ preference in surface, volume transfer and line screen precision for more consistency and faster speeds. ARC produces and guarantees the highest accuracy available.

Anilox Sleeves

ARC’s Anilox Sleeves are offered as a completely engineered product that includes base sleeve, surface coating, engraving or fully reconditioned.

Conventional Air Mandrel

Fully fabricated, chrome plated air mandrels on which sleeves can be mounted for faster changeovers, reduced set-up time.

Carbon Fiber Air Mandrel

Carbon fiber air mandrels are lighter in weight, stiffer, and more stable than metal. These mandrels can help extend the life of your equipment’s components and seals, reduce vibration and give you higher production speeds.

Dual Chamber System

Doctor Blade Chamber 100% carbon fiber produced by Packaging Plast are light, strong and durable with incomparable performance. Corrosion free and with the smoothest ink flow, they ensure the highest performance with the added benefit of significant cost savings.

Rubber Wiper Rollers

ARC hand finishes all Wiper Rollers to ensure an exact RMS finish so you can count on consistent transfer during the printing process.

Plate Cylinders

At ARC, we offer fully fabricated plate cylinders as well as reconditioning of roll diameters and surfaces.