Care & Cleaning Supplies

ProARC™ Cleaner

ProARC Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution for the Corrugated, Wide Web and Narrow Web Industries. ProARC works best for high line counts.


Cleaning brushes allow press operators to restore Anilox rolls to original cell volume and to clean plates quickly and easily promoting faster setup and consistent color match.

Anilox Cleaning Pad

Custom Cleaning Pad mounts on your press instead of the printing plate to clean your anilox roller and ink system as the press runs.

Capatch Strip

The Capatch strip is a quick method for measuring volumes of Anilox Rollers and Sleeves in printing presses.

Pi Tape

This tool gives you a quick, accurate, direct reading of the roller’s diameter by simply measuring the circumference.

Durometer Gauge

This gauge is the most frequently used manual hardness tester.


Designed to help protect finished parts or delicate equipment from damage.

Roll Audit Kit

​Roll Audit Kit includes all materials and instructions for auditing your existing inventory of Anilox Rollers.


Available in a variety of thicknesses to facilitate profile measurement in different ranges.

triClean Cleaner

Anilox roll cleaner, for use with cleaning blankets and for print plates.