Carbon Fiber Air Mandrel

Built better to last longer

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Reducing the weight of components gives your press equipment longer life, better harmonics, lower vibration and the ability to increase production speeds. It also reduces the number of operator adjustments needed to maintain process parameters as well as your need for synchronizing drives and controls.

Carbon Fiber Air Mandrel Options

Machine Types:

Aquaflex Converting Tech Kochsiek RG Engineering
Arsoma Drent Goebel Kuen Yuh Schaivi
BHS F&K Marte Schiva
Bielloni F&K (Carbon Fiber) Mercury Serv-o-Tec
Bobst F&K (High Mod CF) Muller Martini Solo Flex
Bonardi F.L. Smithe Multipress Tresu
Bretting Flexografica Nilpeter Uteco
Carint Cyberflex Flexotecnica Nordmeccanica Valmet
Comexi Gallus Novagraf W&D
Comco Goss PCMC W&H