Optiwash™ Cleaner

Engineered to ensure maximum cleaning without being hazardous to your operators

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ARC recommends the use of Optiwash™ after each run or color change to reduce the potential buildup and plugging of your engraved roll surfaces. Use to clean water-based inks from ceramic, chrome and stainless anilox rolls as well as print cylinders and machine parts.

Available in single bottles or packs of twelve 1-quart, easy-to-use spray bottles, Optiwash™ is a concentrated Opticlean™ solution that is intended for everyday cleaning of your anilox, plates, rubber rolls and all other machinery components.

Optiwash™ Cleaner Options

Optiwash™ Case

12 pack of Quart Size Spray Bottles and trigger sprayers.

  • Pre-packaged and ready to ship
  • Available in Online Store soon

Optiwash™ 5-Gallon Jug

Provided in ready-to-use solution, this 5-gallon jug is ideal for all printers that want immediate availability of the correct cleaning solution in sufficient volume.

Optiwash™ Sample

1 Quart Spray Bottle, call your Customer Care Team for sample.

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